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Dr. Deanna Berman, ND, CM

Certified Midwife & Naturopathic Doctor, serving Ithaca and Central New York

I want to introduce you to a model of health care that will change your life. If you are aware of naturopathic medicine, then you know it is a century-old practice which represents a marriage between conventional and alternative approaches to health care. Naturopathic medicine concentrates on prevention, dietary counseling, and natural therapies to promote health, and eliminate the causes of disease.

Naturopathic Medicine utilizes a functional medicine approach to health. Functional Medicine is a medical approach that looks to identify the underlying causes of disease rather than treating the symptoms. The idea is to understand the origins of chronic disease. Treatment and prevention methods can then be developed and implemented for the individual based on the underlying issues. The functional medicine approach is a partnership between the patient and the doctor. The goal of this partnership is to bring the patient back to health as well as to teach the patient about the core principles of health maintenance and prevention of disease.

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Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Areas of Special Focus All naturopathic doctors are not the same. The four accredited naturopathic medical schools have somewhat different programs and naturopathic doctors tend to specialize. Bastyr University, the school I attended, works closely with the University of Washington Medical School and is very “science based” in its approach. Likewise, I base much of …

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Dr Deanna Naturopathic Medicine

About Dr. Deanna

Dr. Deanna Berman’s Education Through my education at Bastyr University, a four-year, post-graduate, medical school just outside of Seattle, Washington, I received two years of basic medical science education very much like medical doctors receive. I then received in-depth training in clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, and a wide range of alternative therapies including naturopathic manipulation, …

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